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Translations sonores

ouverture : 11.09.2014
expo : 12 > 27.09 – fermé les lundis
Site Arbalestriers
12:00 > 18h00
Entrée libre

Translations sonores

ouverture : 11.09.2014 – 18:30

expo : 12 > 27.09 – 12:00 > 18h00 (fermé les lundis)

Site Arbalestriers – Entrée libre

As part of the “ateliers verticaux” (vertical workshops) at the Ecole Supérieur des Arts Saint-Luc in Brussels, which took place in January 2014, a workshop on sound was conceived along with Transcultures and guests Damien Pairon, Arnaud Eeckhout, Sébastien Biset and Philippe Franck.

A series of conferences and practical initiations introduced students to the specificities of sound, its relationship with our surroundings as well as everyday places and objects.

A selection of the best student videos from this workshop (supervised by Damien Pairon and Arnaud Eeckhout) will be shown on repeat during the festival.

City Sonic

Anciens Abattoirs - 17, rue de la Trouille, Mons

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