11.09 - Vernissage

Round Table

Round Table

Park in progress talk: exchange of experiences, mobility practices, projects and artists in Europe today.

City Sonic #12

City Sonic #12

Guided tour of the festival sound itinerary, starting on the site of Arbalestriers to the Médiathèque of Mons to end on site of the Anciens Abattoirs.


Park in progress #10

Park in progress #10

Presentation of the art works (installations, performances) of the European night foryoung creation on the site of the Anciens Abattoirs.


City Sonic Party

City Sonic Party

At le Bateau Ivre, until dawn, dance  to the rhythm ofthe City Sonic alter DJs .


Press realease

For its twelfth edition, the Sound Arts international festival City Sonic launched in 2003 by Transcultures, Center for digital and sound cultures, in co-production with manège.mons, will exclusively focus on sound emergences, inviting young Belgian and international creators to artistic residencies who will then be broadcasted from Mons on for the first time.

As for the previous edition, City Sonic features the European project Park in progress. Initiated by European Pépinières for young artists, this project is a nomadic innovative event (which will also take place with other artists in Cyprus, Luxemburg and Spain from October to December 2014) that promotes mobility and encounter between interdisciplinary creators; two dozen interdisciplinary artists from Belgium, Japan, France, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey … working on sound material in different ways, will be welcomed for artistic residencies on the former slaughterhouse site where Transcultures is located in Mons to present on Thursday, September 11th at 8:30 p.m, a European Night of the young creation for the opening of the festival, a program of short creations (performances, installations, projections) resulting from a one-week residency. These conceptions will then be shown until the end of the festival in the Grande Halle des Abattoirs and set the content of the Sounds in progress# 2 exhibition.

On the Arbalestriers site, the work of the winners of the call for proposals of Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) (platform for innovative music linking the Belgian and French Hainaut regions) initiated by the le manège.mons, Art Zoyd and Le Phénix (Valenciennes where these installations will also be exhibited in October), as well as a selection of installation projects from the Visual Arts School and Music/theatre Conservatory of Mons Arts2 and the Visual Arts School of Brussels ESA Saint-Luc, resulting from workshops led by City Sonic artists throughout the year.

The artworks from the Park in progress, European nigth of the young creation, will be shown until the end of the festival, in the Grande Halle of the Anciens Abattoirs and will make up the exhibition “Sound in progress #2”.

13:00 - Round Table Park in progress

park-in-progress-2014_TransculturesOn the occasion of the Park in progress@Mons, the organisers proposed a roundtable and exchange of experiences on issues related to contemporary interdisciplinary site specific creation, artistic residencies and mobility for the cultural practices, projects and artists in Europe today.

With the participation of Patrice Bonnaffé (Director of Pépinières européennes pour jeunes aristes, initiator Park in progress), LászlóHudi(Flórián Műhely-Budapest, organiser of Park in progress@Pannonhalma), Philippe Franck (curator of City Sonic, organiser of Park in progress @ Mons) and artists selected for Park in progress#10@Mons.

+ drink/sandwiches offerts/offered

Park in progress@Mons 2013

Site of the Anciens Abattoirs - 17, Rue de la Trouille - 7000 Mons

18:30 - Guided tour of the sound itinerary in the presence of the artists

  • Pao Paixao (Pt/Ch) + Phil Maggi (Be)
    Pao Paixao (Pt/Ch) + Phil Maggi (Be)

    An allegory of a life in space and time, in which we move, play, hope and believe, until our…

  • Sébastien Biset (Be)
    Sébastien Biset (Be)

    Part conference and part listening session, Cosmopoetics will explore the relationship between experimental music and cosmic space…

  • Pierre Beloüin (Fr)
    Pierre Beloüin (Fr)

    Pierre will propose a “Partage d’écoute” (“shared listening session”) from the 80s till today and an special “Optical Sound…

  • Vivian Barigand (Be)
    Vivian Barigand (Be)

    This sound-matter installation based on memory constitutes a mechanical choreography of broken glass. In it, one can see joy…

  • Christopher Fernandes Guerreiro (Be)
    Christopher Fernandes Guerreiro (Be)

    This second interactive installation conceived by Christopher Guerreiro for City Sonic is made of a series of spheres inhabited…

  • Nicolas Tourte (Fr)
    Nicolas Tourte (Fr)

    Arktos>< Gé is an interactive sound installation in which one’s movements influence the fading in and out of sounds…

  • Nicolas Gaillardon (Fr)
    Nicolas Gaillardon (Fr)

    Just as in a boxing match, two suspended high power sound speakers face one another and exchange powerful sound-frequency…

  • Wilson Rose (Be)
    Wilson Rose (Be)

    Infinite White Noise is a sound installation that transforms plastic into a musical instrument by using vibrations generated as…

  • Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr)
    Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr)

    Multimedia, sound and visual artist, musician graduated from Arts², Stéphane Kozik mainly works on interactive installations, audio-visual and musical…

  • Borne Archipel (Be)
    Borne Archipel (Be)

    Archipel invites to explore adventurous expressions, a place where music meets the technological and economic, scientific, philosophical fluxes…

  • Audiovisual creations from  ESA St-Luc Bruxelles (Be)
    Audiovisual creations from ESA St-Luc Bruxelles (Be)

    Selection of audiovisual creations from ESA Saint-Luc (Brussels)

  • Sound UP (Fr/Be)
    Sound UP (Fr/Be)

    A video selection of the exciting electro-acoustic and multi-media composition sessions led by composer André Serre-Milan, computer-music specialist Carl…

Site of the Arbalestriers - 1, Rue du Gouvernement - 7000 Mons

20:00 - Opening Park in progress, Nuit européenne de la jeune création

  • Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr) + Julia Hadi (Hu)
    Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr) + Julia Hadi (Hu)

    A sound artist, a dancer, sensors, cameras … and 500 vultures. The trace of a unique performance…

  • Pao Paixao (Pt/Ch) + Phil Maggi (Be)
    Pao Paixao (Pt/Ch) + Phil Maggi (Be)

    An allegory of a life in space and time, in which we move, play, hope and believe, until our…

  • Ariane Loze (Be)
    Ariane Loze (Be)

    Of the Juxtaposition of multiple manifestations of movement in the city emerges a cinematic portrait of contemporary life in…

  • Tomoko Sauvage (Fr/Ja)
    Tomoko Sauvage (Fr/Ja)

    After several years of experimentation with water dishes amplified with hydrophones, Tomoko keeps exploring the acoustic space in water…

  • Scenocosme (Fr)
    Scenocosme (Fr)

    Placing his ear or his body against the trunk of the tree, the public can hear and feel organic…

  • Sam Spreckley (Gb)
    Sam Spreckley (Gb)

    Tether explore how the natural world can become accentuated through the addition of electronic based sound design.

  • Pepa Ivanova (Bu)
    Pepa Ivanova (Bu)

    To realize the projects, she utilizes whichever medium best suits the sensory illusion, resulting in a polytypic opus of…

  • Olivier Gain (Fr)
    Olivier Gain (Fr)

    A series of amplified candles are disposed in a circle, above the center of which is placed a light…

  • Matt Coco (Fr)
    Matt Coco (Fr)

    The structure of Fantômes (“Ghosts”) is evocative of that of a machine, and is made of simple construction materials…

  • Mathias Isouard (Fr)
    Mathias Isouard (Fr)

    Hasard pendulaire # is a series of sound and sculptural installations conceived in harmony with the exhibition space. They…

  • :such: (Fr)
    :such: (Fr)

    Immobility is a sound performance based on enhanced tape cassette decks using various electro-acoustic sound sources…

  • Lukáš Kellner (Cz)
    Lukáš Kellner (Cz)

    The space of an old slaughterhouse gives the idea of pens for herd animals. Aren’t also our heroes prisoners…

  • Zaki Jawhari (Gr) + Julien Poidevin (Fr)
    Zaki Jawhari (Gr) + Julien Poidevin (Fr)

    Lignes Sonores presents itself as a synesthetic research experimenting with new immersive visual forms in order to generate a…

  • Jason van Gulick + Anna Gaïotti (Fr)
    Jason van Gulick + Anna Gaïotti (Fr)

    Both Jason Van Gulick and Anna Gaïotti have a field of their own, and, each in their own way,…

  • Ioanna Vasilakopoulou + Gavriil Kamaris (Gr)
    Ioanna Vasilakopoulou + Gavriil Kamaris (Gr)

    Bodies on communication· the word us a schema. Is it enough to listen and to see, in order to…

  • Başak Günak + Gizem Aksu (Tu)
    Başak Günak + Gizem Aksu (Tu)

    Artwork in connection with the city of Mons for Park in progress @ Mons + electro AV performance for…

  • Alessandro Perini (It)
    Alessandro Perini (It)

    A research project on sound, vibration, music… felt by the body (« tactile sound »).

  • Adrien Lefebvre (Fr)
    Adrien Lefebvre (Fr)

    A wild dance of car horns and engines, children laughing and birds chirping then takes place, taking visitors to…

Site of the Anciens Abattoirs - 17, Rue de la Trouille - 7000 Mons

23:30 - City Sonic Party

  • Başak Günak + Gizem Aksu (Tu)
    Başak Günak + Gizem Aksu (Tu)

    Artwork in connection with the city of Mons for Park in progress @ Mons + electro AV performance for…

  • Dj Snooba (Be)
    Dj Snooba (Be)

    Snooba (Radio Panik-Brussels) shakes multiple influences, from which results a cocktail as organic as infectious.

Bateau Ivre - 1, rue de Nimy - 7000 Mons