• Very Mash’ta + Next Baxter (Be)

    1 September 2014

    From record production to improvised performance, composing music for installations & videos to realization or to fictional and abstract…

  • Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr) + Julia Hadi (Hu)

    13 August 2014

    A sound artist, a dancer, sensors, cameras … and 500 vultures. The trace of a unique performance…

  • LarbitsSisters (Be)

    11 August 2014

    A smartphone app conceived forFacebookand which utilizes the user’s personal data to generate personalized short films

  • François Zajega (Be) & Loïc Reboursière (Fr)

    10 August 2014

    Tanukis is a research project about the possibility of an emotional relationship between a human and a avatar.

  • Fabien Zocco (Fr)

    10 August 2014

    Conected installation. Elaborate a generative fictional zone that uses networks as spaces of existence and proliferation.

  • Nicolas D’Alessandro (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Connected installation, Say Aaaaah! tries to make a playful use of articifial voice and the sense of abstraction it…

  • Thomas Israël (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Méta-crâne is is an immersive and interactive sculpture witch deal with the process of free association.

  • Pao Paixao (Pt/Ch) + Phil Maggi (Be)

    10 August 2014

    An allegory of a life in space and time, in which we move, play, hope and believe, until our…

  • Sébastien Biset (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Part conference and part listening session, Cosmopoetics will explore the relationship between experimental music and cosmic space…

  • Magali Desbazeille + Siegfried Canto (Fr)

    9 August 2014

    C2M1 is a “media performance” exploring written and coded communication, from the invention of writing to mobile phone texting…

  • Pierre Beloüin (Fr)

    9 August 2014

    Pierre will propose a “Partage d’écoute” (“shared listening session”) from the 80s till today and an special “Optical Sound…

  • Maurice Charles JJ (Be)

    8 August 2014

    Musician mostly interested in timbral diversities, unorthodox sounds, sonic pastes and contemporary approaches to music

  • Quasi una fantasia (Be/At)

    8 August 2014

    Influenced by Morton Feldman, among others, the duo makes minimalism both its medium and its message, mixing rock with…

  • Dj Snooba (Be)

    8 August 2014

    Snooba (Radio Panik-Brussels) shakes multiple influences, from which results a cocktail as organic as infectious.

  • Void Collective (It/Be)

    7 August 2014

    La maison haut-parleur (“The speaker house”) is a workshop in the context of which children learn to build their…

  • Baudouin de Jaer (Be)

    7 August 2014

    A solo violin performance based on pieces inspired by Swiss art brut visionary Adolphe Wölfli…

  • Vivian Barigand (Be)

    5 August 2014

    This sound-matter installation based on memory constitutes a mechanical choreography of broken glass. In it, one can see joy…

  • Christopher Fernandes Guerreiro (Be)

    4 August 2014

    This second interactive installation conceived by Christopher Guerreiro for City Sonic is made of a series of spheres inhabited…

  • Nicolas Tourte (Fr)

    4 August 2014

    Arktos>< Gé is an interactive sound installation in which one’s movements influence the fading in and out of sounds…

  • Vidéoformes & Vidéocollectifs (Int)

    4 August 2014

    Selection of digital video of Vidéoformes, Video and Media art Festival and of the Videocollectives project…

  • Nicolas Gaillardon (Fr)

    3 August 2014

    Just as in a boxing match, two suspended high power sound speakers face one another and exchange powerful sound-frequency…

  • Gilles Malatray (Fr) & Zoe Tabourdiot (Be/Fr)

    2 August 2014

    Sonic Radio c’est la radio -éphémère mais volontaire- du festival qui vous propose des interviews, jingles, comptes-rendus, déambulations et…

  • Wilson Rose (Be)

    2 August 2014

    Infinite White Noise is a sound installation that transforms plastic into a musical instrument by using vibrations generated as…

  • Ariane Loze (Be)

    1 August 2014

    Of the Juxtaposition of multiple manifestations of movement in the city emerges a cinematic portrait of contemporary life in…

  • Tomoko Sauvage (Fr/Ja)

    1 August 2014

    After several years of experimentation with water dishes amplified with hydrophones, Tomoko keeps exploring the acoustic space in water…

  • Scenocosme (Fr)

    1 August 2014

    Placing his ear or his body against the trunk of the tree, the public can hear and feel organic…

  • Sam Spreckley (Gb)

    1 August 2014

    Tether explore how the natural world can become accentuated through the addition of electronic based sound design.

  • Pepa Ivanova (Bu)

    1 August 2014

    To realize the projects, she utilizes whichever medium best suits the sensory illusion, resulting in a polytypic opus of…

  • Olivier Gain (Fr)

    1 August 2014

    A series of amplified candles are disposed in a circle, above the center of which is placed a light…

  • Matt Coco (Fr)

    1 August 2014

    The structure of Fantômes (“Ghosts”) is evocative of that of a machine, and is made of simple construction materials…