Posts tagged with ‘installations’

  • 08-14 – Stéphane Kozik in residency ESH/City Sonic at Transcultures

    16 August 2014

    Winner of the call for proposals for sound installations launched by the platform for innovative music Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) (initiated...

  • Fabien Zocco (Fr)

    10 August 2014

    Conected installation. Elaborate a generative fictional zone that uses networks as spaces of existence and proliferation.

  • Nicolas D’Alessandro (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Connected installation, Say Aaaaah! tries to make a playful use of articifial voice and the sense of abstraction it…

  • Thomas Israël (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Méta-crâne is is an immersive and interactive sculpture witch deal with the process of free association.

  • Nicolas Gaillardon (Fr)

    3 August 2014

    Just as in a boxing match, two suspended high power sound speakers face one another and exchange powerful sound-frequency…

  • Mathias Isouard (Fr)

    1 August 2014

    Hasard pendulaire # is a series of sound and sculptural installations conceived in harmony with the exhibition space. They…

  • Stéphane Kozik (Be/Fr)

    20 July 2014

    Multimedia, sound and visual artist, musician graduated from Arts², Stéphane Kozik mainly works on interactive installations, audio-visual and musical…