Posts tagged with ‘video curation’

  • Vidéoformes & Vidéocollectifs (Int)

    4 August 2014

    Selection of digital video of Vidéoformes, Video and Media art Festival and of the Videocollectives project…

  • Borne Archipel (Be)

    5 July 2014

    Archipel invites to explore adventurous expressions, a place where music meets the technological and economic, scientific, philosophical fluxes…

  • Audiovisual creations from ESA St-Luc Bruxelles (Be)

    4 July 2014

    Selection of audiovisual creations from ESA Saint-Luc (Brussels)

  • Sound UP (Fr/Be)

    4 July 2014

    A video selection of the exciting electro-acoustic and multi-media composition sessions led by composer André Serre-Milan, computer-music specialist Carl…