Alexandra Brillant (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Wallpaper of the damned camp (création)

Enfer et décoration

“Barbara, artist photographer and performer, is invited by a mysterious curator to come to expose her works in a gallery. On the spot, she discovers that the gallery is located in the middle of a waste land occupied by strange characters.

Actress change. Various illustrations plans on electronic music. Moved by the idea to be impregnated by the ambiance of the place, she finds herself rapidly bewitched and possessed by a force of Machiavellian laughter.

Dramatic music. Actress change. She enters a demonic trance. The witch reveals her carnivorous smile…

Actress change. Various Events, sound off the field. An attack of carnivores dolls…

Actress change. An attack of zombies. Actress change. Interlude, fetishistic frauds that cherish plastic hands…

Field recording.”

  • Scénario d’origine: Alexandra Brillant et Lucie Inland
  • Papier peint décoratif: Charlotte Durand
  • Sonorisation: Alexandra Brillant

Alexandra Brillant

Plastic Artist and musician. Received a formation with the School of Fine Arts in Rennes, France (2008-2013), with post graduate studies completed at the School of Fine Arts Bourges (2013). Deformation (2014-2016). Alexandra Brillant develops tragi-comic multimedia installations whose where themes are taken from fantastical sources. This feeds all at once an idiotic and troubling universe.

Inspired by the films of series Z, the theme parks, the myths and conspiracy theories, it is mainly by the development of objects that her pieces are created. Follower of ‘Circuit Bending’, she creates her own musical instruments starting from toys. She is a Musician of the project, Electro-Punk Siren’ S Salamander. Currently resides in Paris, France.