Alexandra Dementieva (Ru/Be)



La Raffinerie – Charleroi Danses

21, rue de Manchester Bruxelles

5 euros

OMFI @ City Sonic Live in Brussels, the 30 of September

OMFI/One Moment Free Improvcelebrate the work of music explorers and live music of today with live creations. Instead of chapels, solitary travelers and accomplices.

For his second collaboration with City Sonic, OMFI in a passion filled evening with concerts (creations) from :

  • the group, Razen (Flemish multi instrumentalists on Kraak label, between experimental and free contemporary music folk)
  • Radio Prague (the meeting between the Wallon Pioneers experimental music and improvisational flute)
  • Isa Belle + Paradise Now (Tibetan bowls / gongs, saxophone, guitar, electro soundscapes and vocals)
  • Matthieu Safatly + Björn Jauss saka zen.ze (cello-traveler versus electro / feedback by the inventor of the gonzophone. – Be)

+ City Sonic video selection, small independent audio producers salon and alter DJs (Guy-Marc Hinant / Sub Rosa, Mad-Ap).

OMFI is also the joyful closing event of City Sonic #14 in Brussels.

Piano insight (video - 2015)

This video is a result of an interactive performance project Piano insight. It aims to examine a dynamic relationship between audio and visual perception and comprises a series of collaborations with different musicians (here an improvisation of the German pianist Aki Hoffman).

Paired with visuals in film or theatre, music traditionally plays the secondary role usually following the development of the image. In case of opera, or contemporary video clips, the music leads the visuals.

The camera focuses on the third party – a musical instrument itself, to depict and reveal for the first time through visual imaging the obscured physical aspects of the performance for both the musician and his audience.
Production Alexandra Dementieva

Alexandra Dementieva

Her main interests focus on social psychology, perception and their application within interactive and multimedia installations. Her films integrate different elements, including behavioural psychology, developing a narrative using a “subjective camera”.