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Planètes sonores (conférence)

From “Sound Planets” to “audiobiographique Journal”, a journey in sound arts

With Planètes sonores, essayist and art critic, Alexandre Castant presents the two major books which he has written about sound arts, which have a ten year span in between them: “Sound Planets”, 2007; and “Audiobiographical Journal”, 2016.

The conference is a historical and theoretical trajectory which crosses the visual arts, cinema, radio broadcasting and the theme of sound in contemporary art. It also considers the critical and methodological objects that accompany it.

Historical nuances and a general sense of aesthetics are therefore proposed in the conference, as well as concepts such as, “necrophonia”, or the idea of, “journal in connection with photography and radio broadcasting”, which are specific to his research developed in these texts related to contemporary art.

Partnership Transcultures, Arts2, in framework of cycle Emergences numériques et sonores

Alexandre Castant

French essayist and art critic, Alexandre Castant published on sound art, Planètes sonores (2007) and Journal aubiobiographique (2016); he also studies literature (‘Aesthetics of the image, Andre Pieyre fiction Mandiargues’, 2001), photography (‘the Photography in the eye of the passages’, 2004. snow Screens, 2014), landscape aesthetics (‘Logic of the world map’, 2012) or imaginary (‘ImagoDrome, mental images in contemporary art collective’, 2010).

All these studies involved in a more general reflection on the relationship – trans-aesthetic – between the arts.