Charo Calvo (Es)

Charo Calvo (Es)
10 August 2016 Transcultures

Carré des Arts

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis


It was a winters day in Madrid. I had taken the night express ‘Puerta del Sol’ to Brussels. At that time, Hendaya was the terminus of all our trains. The railway tracks in France and those in Spain did not have the same spacing. Ours were narrower, a tricky measure of defense taken by Franco’s government. We had to leave the train, step out with the suitcase clutched in one hand and in the other the passport. Swiftly walking under the night sky, across a no man’s land. At the other side of the border, another twenty- six years at least of a new life were waiting for me, and I believe I had already guessed it by then. Before that very day, I had been living through many other days, thousands of days, long and short, warm and cold, quiet or noisy, dull or jolly… that I am able still to hear…

Life is not what one lived, but what one remembers and how one remembers ” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Production : Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique (Empreinte) with the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.

Charo Calvo

Charo Calvo is a lecturer at Luka Arts, High School of Arts and Architecture in Brussels; RITS High School of Arts in Brussels; In charge of coaching graduation film projects at Docunomads, International Master in Documentary film. She has been invited by diverse international institutions to give lectures and workshops on sound design for the image. She has received commissions for producing acousmatic and radio works from Communauté Française de Belgique, CDMC Madrid, Musiques et Recherches Bruxelles, ACSR Bruxelles, RTBF Belgium etc.

She has created the soundtrack for many performances, videos and films mostly produced by the Flemish and French cultural services as well as from other countries as Norway, Slovenia, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Germany…

ACSR - Atelier de Création Sonore Radiophonique

L’ACSR est une structure d’accueil pour la création sonore radiophonique.
L’association a été créée en 1996 dans le but de développer un espace de réflexion et de résistance à la diminution alarmante de la création dans les instituts de radiodiffusion en Belgique francophone.

Structure d’accueil aux auteurs, réalisateurs, opérateurs, créateurs intéressés par la radio, elle met à disposition de ceux-ci des moyens techniques et financiers ainsi qu’un accompagnement artistique (une aide à l’écriture du projet, des écoutes de travail aux différentes phases de réalisation), une aide à la production et à la diffusion.

L’acsr reçoit le soutien du Fond d’Aide à la Création Radiophonique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.