Eloïse Lega Breyssens (Be)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis

Les murs ont des oreilles

This installation is a proposition to come and listen at the doors. But in actuality, these are not close doors that we will listen to. They are facades of houses: only a silhouette. The only image which one gives when one remains on the surface of things.

In truth, we don’t listen to conversations that are picked up at doors. The voices that one hears have been, in fact, retaken off the Internet, from platforms like YouTube. There, People speak about things that could be regarded as intimate (break ups, family problems…), Things which we don’t usually discuss, except with close friends. Conversations, thoughts, are broadcasted to the world.

Partnership Arts2-Transcultures, in frameworks of workshops Emergences numériques et sonores – coordination Julien Poidevin and Arnaud Eeckhout.

Eloïse Lega Breyssens

Eloïse Lega likes to read, play, and arrange. Her preferred material: mathematics. Her favorite dish: candies. Best color: red. What does she like? The time she was describing in friendly journals in the playground is gone. “The first thing to be banished when we learn to be an artist is the word, “like” is.

“Today, I should make a serious and objective presentation about myself, my work, about the way I work. To give it more credibility, to justify my work, to give it a ‘raison d’être’. However, the notion of artist and of work, is the great base of my studies. What is an artist? Today? Why? ”