Emmanuel Selva (Be/Fr)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis

Ensemble sonore #1 (création)

Parallel existences of thoughts and concepts, addition of a presence to an already existing ensemble. Loss of logical sense, distorted comprehension, the sound of my voice is nothing anymore but a general hubbub partially split by various isolated words.

The starting leitmotiv is not any more that one pretext, the composition makes it possible to play with the directions. The spatialization of the words offer a different direction of reading to each, according to one’s. placement in the room, as though the phrases were offering freedom to be added or to be withdrawn.

Partnership Arts2-Transcultures, in frameworks of workshops Emergences numériques et sonores – coordination Julien Poidevin and Arnaud Eeckhout.

Nom de l'artiste

“What is the place of the message?

Game of continual questions/answers, momentary analysis of life without even thinking.

In my way of working, I like to create fusions that mingle various lines of work, allowing multiple directions for readings, to create something which reaches out to the spectator, like sending him/her a message, or questioning him, as if my work becomes completed, thanks to the return of other persons.

It is a big wonder to me, manners where the support, technique or installation can emit a multiplicity of secondary directions. These various directions of readings form an integral part of my work. Each question is thus the answer, each work the answer of the one before it.

Emmanuel Selva