Gaël Moissonnier (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Random Loops

Random Loops is a perpetual sound art piece evolving on the Web. The heart of the project is constructed at the base of eight sound loops of various lengths, which enable him to continually synchronize.

Gael Moissonnier

Gael Moissonnier is a French experimental musician and a sound artist. His musical interests are concentrated on physical sound situations that are completely immersive and about psychoacoustic phenomena. Constantly improvised, and always spontaneous, his ‘live’ is always constructed with psychoactive rhythmic motifs, lead by meditative drones, recordings of transformed ground, into thick and noisy sounds, which provoke altered states of conscience, putting our brains in orbit.

He has been proactively implicated in the underground scene since the beginning of 2000. He was head of the Lyon place, Grrrnd Zero (2005-2010), and also Zerojardins label (since 2006), organized hundreds of shows and collaborates/collaborated with Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat), Simon Deterne (8.0), Ben Morris (Lost Wax, Chora), Pascal Nichols (Share Wild Horses Basket one Both Sides), Samuel Moncharmont (Baton-Rouge), Julien Dupont, François Virot, Frank Garcia (Sheik Anorak, To drop a clanger Records), Ernest Bergez (Sourdure, Kaumwald, Tanz Mein Hertz), inter alia.