Gregory Robin (Fr)

Carré des Arts

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis

Artiste faisant partie de la sélection spéciale du festival Vidéoformes (réalisée par son directeur Gabriel Soucheyre) pour le festival City Sonic 2016.

H-K-PRAXIS (2016 - 4'50) – première belge

Captés dans le flux, le rythme, les marcheurs deviennent des ombres; réveil, replonger dans la nuit électrique, le sommeil. Superpositions, courses des trames. Plus de distances possibles, dans ce parcours ; mégapole.

Production VIDEOFORMES avec le soutien de Clermont Communauté / 2016

Collaboration Gregory Robin + Annabelle Playe + Raphaël Maze

Gregory Robin

Musician, then photographer, Gregory Robin moved towards directing in 2003. He has devoted himself totally to directing since 2006.

Gregory Robin has been involved in painting since childhood, and he developed and demonstrated a visual awareness very early. He prefers the camera to brushes. His first shots already showed a very personal esthetic, playing with the grain and blurring. This visual research guided him to other media like the Super 8 with which he started out as a director. Although his filmography is mainly made up of documentary creations, his interest in dealing with genres drove him to explore their interdisciplinary, imparting a style to reality, which sometimes ends up close to fiction. He has come back to the experimental form in his film Entrailles, filmed at the mining museum in Saint-Etienne. His future projects demonstrate this orientation.

In 2012, he and Joël Caron created Après la Guerre Films (After the War Films), an organization that makes creation films. In 2014, he partnered with Jean-Philippe Raymond and Julien Féret to create the production company Far Center Films.