Helga Dejaegher (Be)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis


This sound installation questions subjectivity and the difficulty in explaining a single work of art in a unique way. Each person, each voice, comments on the piece in his/her own way. Each explanation is unique. All of them together could even suggest that it would be about as many voices as full works that will be “exposed here.

Production: Arts2, within the framework of sound Bouquet of Arts2 , would like to thank Drita Kotaji and Philippe Franck, in partnership with Transcultures.

Station (création)

We are always in transition, on a journey, this installation brings us in a kind of in-between, we are immersed in landscapes which unravel but which are at the same time fixed, because we are in a train. Volumes with projection creates a secondary landscape, a city. An architectural dimension is added to the journey.

The sound is paramount, there is a spatialization, which reinforces this architectural dimension. The spectator is invited to walk in the space, around and between volumes, the raveling images, invitation to take a place in this urban city. The spectator’s shadow finds its niche between volumes, on the walls, in space.

Partnership Arts2-Transcultures, as part of the workshops Emergences numériques et sonores – coordination Julien Poidevin and Arnaud Eeckhout.

Helga Dejaegher

Helga Dejaegher oscillates between video and installation. Her works relate to the body, the reflection of oneself or life, identity, nature… The question of reality/abstraction intervenes, and is important in her process.

Where the boundaries lie…where the limits Are. Should one have belief in ‘appearances’, the visible, reality… the light. These reflections offers a pallet of possibilities from which she composes and creates her works.