Julien Vadet (Fr)

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Fermé les lundis

Walk Cairn (création)

The idea of the Walk cairn is to create a structure that collects and tells several walks performed by Julien Vadet in the mountains, forest or wilderness, in France and abroad.

A cairn is an artificial pile of stones placed on purpose to mark a particular place and which is used to find his way. The Cairn becomes here a sculpture, which is a topography of soundscapes, which tells walks in a wind sound universe of footsteps and conversations of walkers. The stones become sound objects like shells we approach to hear the sound of the sea.

Walk cairn is an attempt of the walker/artist to bring the immensity of mountain areas in your ear and to create an intimate exchange.

Julien Vadet

In 2007, after two years in Berlin and numerous experimental and improvised music concerts, Julien Vadet entered the National Conservatory of Lyon in the class of electroacoustic composition directed by Maudot C. and S. Borrel. Following this course, he started to pay more attention to sound synthesis through analog synthesizers, and to manufacture his own machines.

For the past five years, he also works within the Collective Ohmart that develops multidisciplinary projects in public space. In this context, the composition work evolves around orality and voices collected in the field. The aim is more to value a form of poetry than the actual building of the sound documentary. He restores his first compositions in the form of cinema sessions for the ear in a caravan in the dark. Julien Vadet became interested in sound space staging and the interaction with the listener. From 2012, he seeks to experiment with less musical forms. When he was offered to work for the theater or the circus, he responded with sound devices closer to the installation than the music soundtrack. These devices appear to meet the desire to work on the stage area and the living inherent in performing arts.

Today, the manufacture of autonomous machines, sound sculptures, becomes a constant in his work. In 2015-2016, he joined the post-graduate arts and sound creation of the National School of Arts in Bourges created by R.Cochini and J-M. Ponty.