Louis Chrétiennot (Fr)

Carré des Arts

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis

Belles endormies (Rêves de guitares)

Les Belles endormies is a kind of exhibition, that is like a museum, whereby one can see guitars exhibited to the public’s view. At more or less regular intervals, as after a period of deep sleep, these guitars become animated and “dream” that they play without being touched. The installation reveals a sound world in which Man is absent, though he is the originator of all these sound objects which function all alone.

The sound is caused by a phenomenon of oscillation between the guitar and its amplifier. Usually unpleasant, this feedback which most musicians seek, at all costs to avoid, in this case, is controlled to produce a soft and musical tone. The sound born of this feedback, comes from a musical drone. It will be modulated and modified by the effects, towards an interactive system which constitutes the ensemble of the objects of the installation.

An executive production Césaré CNCM/Reims, with the support of La Tannerie SMAC/Bourg-en- Bresse.

Louis Chrétiennot

Louis Chrétiennot is currently professor of musical culture and guitar at the National School of Music of Villeurbanne (France). He was a professional classical musician, then rock’n’roll. He was part of the group, “Electric Fixed”. He is a Composer, improviser, but as well, a graduate of Political sciences,and is a producer of emission for France-Music and author with published by Harmattan.

Les Belles endormies falls under an initially literary approach (Song of the engines), which questioned relations between noise and music, then radiophonic (Academy of Metal), that questioned the concept of harmony in the Western music. This installation tries, beyond the instrumental musical gesture, to determine contours of poetic sound, thanks to the production of music by mechanical and electronic instruments.