Marion Cros (Fr)

Maison du design

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis


In the video Signal, a solitary hunter positioned in the heights, the sirens sounds, irruptive signal of a new present, or simple tension of imminence?
Video launched twice every hour.

Ecraser le silence

For the Vacarme project, Marion Cros was interested in the collective use of noise in various societal contexts. Studying particularly the situations of disorder, noises of rituals, often these are carriers of ambivilant messages, between exaltation and violence. Fusion of various textual sources, iconographic, sound sources… Going from ethnology towards history, via direct experiment, Marion Cros make a fiction emerge out of these researches, while inventing, relocating or reiterating noisy situations.The project evolves within an atlas of online search.

Les Haut-Parleurs

Performance collective: Une foule se dessine dans un agrégat, le bruit surgit de cette accumulation de forces, sa présence par-dessus tout forme un espace-temps entre fête et violence.

Marion Cros

Marion Cros works in the field of experimental broadcasting. In collaboration with Arte Radio, the RTBF, RFI or Radio Frog, she works on situations, events, places, temporalities, where, a priori, there is a “Node”, a grey zone.

Having much worked this approach from the point of view of establishing an account of reality, in a narrative construction, she currently undertakes a research on the phenomenon of provocation of unorganized noise, isolated or collective, in the situations of revolution.