Sandra Przyczynski (Be/Fr)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis

Paroles (création)

The installation created in this window is by the plastic artist, Sandra Przyczynski allows to understand the sound work in a poetic comprehension of a sound artpiece by Margarida Guia. The sound piece was created with the residents of Carosse.

A regard that is focused on the elements of a conversation. Making a way to see while listening. Words to an adored one, takes them to the height of an icon, to release words in a window/cage…

Sandra Przyczynski

Born in France, Sandra Przyczynski lives and works in Belgium since 1995. She develops a sensitive approach, to words, through a particular interest. Her works are related to themes such as ‘absence’, disappearance, in limbo of two… defining her act and productions, and her scope of symbolism and emotions.

Margarida Guia

Margarida Guia is an actress, performer, and sonic creator. As a solo artist, she sings and interprets poetry, accompanied by accessories that mix with musical compositions. Since 2008, she has created sonic pieces for theatre, dance, radio, cinema and for multimedia installations. Her musical universe is varied from improvised music, to sound poetry beside diverse artists (directors, choreographers, musicians, plastic artists and directors).

She puts into place two mobile forms: the Library Bibliambule (2002) and La Dinette (2012) with which she invites the public to sit at her table full of audio helmets for an audio-poetic trajectory. She has directed voice workshops for about fifteen years,(theatre, reading, sound poetry).