Sophie Stassin (Be)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis

Vortex (création)

This project is an installation based on sound and light. In total transparency Sophie Stassin develops a bit of a magical world revolving around a projection of shadow and light. The sound unfolds out of elements such as glass, water, etc… The objective is to create a kind of composition who play in alternation so that one can also linger on delicate sounds. The sound piece is spread through the space with a light installation positioned to generate shadows. Certain movement is also included in the work. All of the projected shadows generate visual animations.

Clepsydre (création)

Questioning the passing of time. Flow device. «Drop by drop time passes …» This piece was made with recovery materials and gold leaf. If the hourglass is empty, the viewer is invited to return it with delicacy…

Sophie Stassin

Sophie Stassin‘s way of working is based on principles of accumulation and experimentation. The materials which she uses are often found or are broken objects. Her favorite material is glass. She likes the fragility which it emits, that with any wrong move, it can break. She creates at the base materials which evoke for her the idea of color, light, reflections, shades, movement and sound. Then, she organizes the overall work as a research laboratory, where she explores natural phenomena, such as the movement of air, the movement of water, the influences of light on sound, or perception of space. Her experiments translate in the form of installations, sculptures and videos.