Victor Tsaconas (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Souviens-toi… quand tu seras mort

A dark room, in front of this tiny fortune-telling card and this framed picture, the audience, alone, face its memories, with the suggestive power of sound and its propensity to create emotion.

Victor Tsaconas

Since he was very young, Victor Tsaconas was always fascinated by moving images. He began his academic course on cinema during 3 years before joining the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts of Dijon (ENSA). During these 5 years, his many travels enabled him to further in his work, related to the research of landscape and sound. He is a graduate of the ENSA, with a diploma from the National Supérieur d’Etudes Plastiques (DNSEP) in 2013. He now continues to explore the link between sound, landscape, and architecture. Victor Tsaconas is also the director of Direct, a collective which supports alternative forms of music, sound art and other music, as well as a specialized site on the films of kind bad lots and Films of kind.