Editorial City Sonic 2014

To welcome, foster, connect and share alternative creations

For its twelfth edition, City Sonic is entirely composed of creations resulting from residencies having taken place in Mons, or from workshops organized together with our partners. Thanks to the nomadic European project Park in progress, City Sonic welcomes about twenty international young artists for the second consecutive years on the site of the former slaughterhouse in Mons. They will open the festival with the European night of young creation (Nuit européenne de la jeune creation), which will constitute both an event in itself as well as an in situ course. With performances, installations, projections, offbeat concerts, etc.… interdisciplinary collaborations are always encouraged, with sound being, as usual, the primary link and driving force behind them.

Our own collaboration with Art-Zoyd and Le Phénix, from Valenciennes, also continues in the form of the platform for innovative music that is Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s): three young French and Belgian artists were granted a trans-border residency this Summer, resulting in audio-visual installations which will be shown at Espace des possibles (site des arbalestriers). Works presented there will also include projects from Mons students from Arts2 as well as from students from their Brussels counterparts at the Saint-Luc school of arts,whose pieces are the product of workshops given through the year by selected coordinators.

Several City Sonic events will punctuate the way from the site des arbalestriers to the former slaughterhouse, by way of the multimedia library. These include the Sonic Garden Parties, which will see concerts taking place in beautiful private gardens near the bell tower, Shared Listening Sessions (commented playlists and debates on contemporary challenges in music), the Sonic Kids afternoon, which will initiate children to sound technologies, as well as performances that are dear to us, such as C2M1, a refreshing, fun take on the evolution of modern means of communication and language.

The closing of this year’s festival on September 27th will mark the start of the 2014 Digital Fortnight, which will take place until October 19th. This initiative of the Ministry of Culture provides an added visibility to digital arts within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. We wished to take part in this dynamic as well as that of the “Digital Coupole” (which gathers the driving forces behind digital innovation in the Mons area) initiated by Mons2015 with Vice Versa 1.0,which tackles the link between scientific research and digital creation (exhibitions, performances, presentations, projections, applications, conferences, workshops…) and which will take place at the Carré des Arts and the Frigo in partnership the numediart research institute (University of Mons), which fostered the majority of works presented in the context of this event alongside with Transcultures.

More than ever, creation will make City Sonic 2015-1 an adventure full of risk, electricity and enchantment. It captivates us in these times of seemingly shrinking horizons, and in which art appears essential to us, to say the least, including in its own questionings and mutations.

This friendly “demonstrasound” that is City Sonic constitutes a precious space of freedom and poetic resistance welcoming all those longing for otherness.

It is a pleasure to see so many of you participating and visiting each year with curious and open ears. Thank you for your continued support.

Philippe Franck & Jean-Paul Dessy
for Transcultures & le manège.mons

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