Lucie Knockaert

Production manager - Médiation

Passionate about culture (in the widest sense), she studied a Master’s Degree in the Cultural Management in Dijon followed by a Master’s Degree “Music and Media Management” in Finland. Wishing to keep on the path of interdisciplinary related to sound (after a brief moment at Fructôse, a wasteland transformed into an open artistic space in Dunkerque), she integrated Transcultures Team.

Production and mediation manager for 4 years, she coordinates Transcultures event and implements sound and digital awareness workshops in the Centre.

In 2012, she joined the team of the platform for innovative music Espace(s) Son(s) Hainaut(s) carried by the Manège.monsArt Zoyd and le Phénix as mediation manager. It has always offered workshops in the sound creation field, mobilizing artists about the issue of cultural mediation and the opening to the ‘non-existing audience’.

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