Quinzaine Numérique

  • Very Mash’ta + Next Baxter (Be)

    1 September 2014

    From record production to improvised performance, composing music for installations & videos to realization or to fictional and abstract…

  • LarbitsSisters (Be)

    11 August 2014

    A smartphone app conceived forFacebookand which utilizes the user’s personal data to generate personalized short films

  • François Zajega (Be) & Loïc Reboursière (Fr)

    10 August 2014

    Tanukis is a research project about the possibility of an emotional relationship between a human and a avatar.

  • Fabien Zocco (Fr)

    10 August 2014

    Conected installation. Elaborate a generative fictional zone that uses networks as spaces of existence and proliferation.

  • Nicolas D’Alessandro (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Connected installation, Say Aaaaah! tries to make a playful use of articifial voice and the sense of abstraction it…

  • Thomas Israël (Be)

    10 August 2014

    Méta-crâne is is an immersive and interactive sculpture witch deal with the process of free association.

  • Vidéoformes & Vidéocollectifs (Int)

    4 August 2014

    Selection of digital video of Vidéoformes, Video and Media art Festival and of the Videocollectives project…