City Sonic #13 Festival @ Mons2015



City-Sonic-2015_Affiche-Web_Mons2015_Transcultures-2015This thirteenth edition of City Sonic, an international festival dedicated to the diversity and creativity of sound arts, proposes, in the framework of Mons2015 European Capital of Culture, sound itineraries which transform the city center of Mons into a hub connected to the audio planet. With City Sonic (curator: Philippe Franck), historical, industrial, public or private locations (indoor/outdoor) become sonic and poetic places that lead all public, to an active listening. For this special expanded 2015 edition, City Sonic extends its itinerary from the railway station to Arsonic (new ‘theatre of listening’) through the Carreì des Arts (with the Mons Art School), La Maison du Design and la Grand’ Place but also a series of places in town, invested by artists.

Combining a prospective, poetic and playful approach, City Sonic@Mons 2015 also offers mobile performance, concerts in unusual settings, a Sonic Garden Party (performances in private gardens), Sonic Kids workshops, a sonic cocktail (outdoor urban mixes), the Sonic (web) Radio programme… distilled throughout the festival of adventurous sounds.

With : Amadeo (Be), Archives poésie sonore Le Lieu (Qbc), Christophe Bailleau/Belle Jeunesse (Be), Martyn Bates (GB), Damien Bourniquel (Fr), Maurice Charles JJ (Be), Stéphanie Croibien (Be), François Cys (Be), Nicolas d’Alessandro (Be), Dawamesk (Be), Baudouin de Jaer (Be), Jean Delacoste (Be), Digital Art Festival Taipei/Yao Chung-Han – Wang Chung-Kun, Wang Fu-Jui, Chang Yung-Ta (TW), DJ Poncho (Be), Emergences sonores (Arts²-Mons, ARBA-ESA Bruxelles, Faculté d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme-UMons, ENSA Bourges, ESAD Valenciennes), EZ3kiel (Fr), Francis Flament (Be), Fleur (Be), Jacques Foschia (Be), Margarida Guia (PT), Isa Belle+Paradise Now (Fr/Be),  Isidore Isou/Natan Karczmar (Fr), Dominique Lawalrée (Be), Tom Jackson (GB), Val Kiry (Fr), Manu Louis (Be), Gilles Malatray (Fr), Anton Mobin (Fr), Werner Moron (Be), Musiques Nouvelles (Be), Charles Pennequin (Fr), Ordinaire + Jonas Luyckx (Be), Rébus (Fr), Harold Schellinx (PB), Matthieu Safatly (Be/Fr), Janek Schaefer (GB), Taâlem (Be/Fr), Z0é Tabourdiot (Fr/Be), Taos (Be), Pascale Tison (Be), Jason Van Gulick (Be/Fr),  Sandrine Verstraete (Be), VOID (Be/It) + Radio Sonic (la web radio du festival)…

City Sonic news

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