Arthur Zerktouni (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis


Arthur Zerktouni proposes a new installation from the Composition# series on the relationship between sound and visual writing. Here, the artist focuses on the syndrome of head explosion of which he is the subject. The syndrome occurs while falling asleep, when certain neuronal networks that remain active produce an impression of loud thuds that wake the subject.

Arthur Zerktouni shows us these sounds that he is alone to hear. A light installation allows us to imagine the sensation the artist feels when his head explodes – where the sound is but an imaginary electric pulse.

Court Live - Performance d'ouverture avec Janick Deneux le 14.09

Janick Deneux et Arthur Zerktouni développent en duo une lutherie électronique qui mêle des mécanismes bricolés à des traitements numériques.

Eau, lumière, vent, ils proposent un live audio improvisé revisitant leur univers respectifs inspirés du hip-hop, de la techno et d’une vision décalée de la musique acousmatique.

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Arthur Zerktouni

Arthur Zerktouni (Fresnoy 2012, Art and Sound Creation EnsaBourges 2014) He is preoccupied with the relations between hearing and sight, while particularly focusing on questions about the written transcription of sound phenomenon. He sculpts frequencies of sound waves, or again, abstract partitions which oscillate at the border of materiality. It results in kinetic objects and installations. His production is presented as the final boundary of the visible. He considers the wire consequently as a mathematical abstraction which enables him to draw contours of a vision of a made world of vacuums and vibrations.

Constantly between the senses and mediums attached thereto, between what separates, gives to see the idea of a porous universe whose materiality would be illusion.