Benoît Villemont (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Les Reliques d'Erlette

The bells reverse the poles which either magnetize us towards the tops, or insert us to the bottom, by a link of forms and matters which they maintain with stars. But it is necessary to use a certain mirror of thought to apprehend such works as such.

The Saints of Iron, who fly in Bronze, since the meteors, are true cosmic interfaces. However, from the top of bell-towers and of Pierre, they tend to become gaols, and how many are those which are imprisoned, by themselves, each day, in the rhythm of the Sirens. To depend the Capital, to operate by essence, it is to escape towards the reliquary from an incarnated speech and to be propelled out of time.

Benoît Villemont

Operating from the here and now, Benoît Villemont scans the spectrum of human epic, from yesterday to today, to try to make a point, observing and recording, our history, treading the earth and sometimes other orbs. Benoît Villemont looking ever more to attract and spread the mysterious language of nature through anntenique objects: aligned and harmonized with the entire cosmos. The art he offers is sound, in particular, particle and wave: through sculpture, Benoît Villemont offers to see the visible and through it, offers to hear the invisible.