Cédric Sabato (Be)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis

Vegetal Ballet

This work is part of the overall project Herbal Ghetto. It developed in several modules, since 2008, based on the four elements. Vegetal Ballet, is an installation which puts two self-sufficient plants. One becomes orchestra conductor while the other carries out a ballet, offering visitors a moment of contemplation and questioning. In the face of global warming, impoverishment of natural resources, and Man’s impact on his environment, Cédric Sabato proposes an interactive “organic” installation. It allows each to create a special relationship with nature, and to highly reflect upon machine/Man’s relation to the environment.

The playing of music induces a “vegetable ballet”, intended to place the spectator in position of contemplation and communication with a nature that is endowed with intelligence and sensibility…a predisposition wrongly assumed as a human trait.

Production : Transcultures, L’Art-Chétype

Nom de l'artiste

Cédric Sabato is a plastic artist, from the Federation Wallonia Brussels. He graduated from ESAPV Mons, and founded “L’Art-Chétype”, asbl, which promotes the development of contemporary artistic activities within community oriented institutions in the field of socio-education, health, and other.He thus provides a social role for the artist. His approach is based on an the production of ‘Art Brut’ together with new technologies and contemporary art in mediums of health-care. These are as a new form of tools founded on nonverbal language. His last project to date, ‘Art Act Need 2.15’, is an immersive multi-sensory space utilizing the latest digital technologies, adopted as a full citizens project by the Foundation Mons 2015. It will be developed within the framework of the European Capital of Culture.