Gauthier Keyaerts (supernova – Be)



Résidence Transcultures

Rue Terre du Prince, 10 Mons

Bye Bye MonSonic - the 25th of September

After a final tour (starting at 2.30 from the site of the Old slaughterhouse), a stage in a nice historical gar- den awaits the curious public and the participants of the festival.

This friendly closing of City Sonic in Mons, features live creations by 11:60 (Christophe Bailleau + Didié Nietzche, cosmic electro landscapes), Ze Zorgs (Maurice Charles JJ on sax, Pierre -Jean Vranken on elec- tric guitar, Stéphane Fedele on drums for a post jazz no wave live set), Supernova (sensitive post pop set) + Isa Belle (crystal shower individual sensorial-energizing one to one performance) and Maurice Charles JJ on saxo solo…

+ City Sonic Sunday drink.


Supernova (Be) was initiated in early 2012 in Brussels by musician/curator Philippe Franck (vocals, guitar, ipad, keys, objects) and musician/hybrid artist Gauthier Keyaerts (electro- organic treatments, bass, ipad, sampler, objects) to explore various contemporary sound constellations (from electronica to post pop and sound poetry). The combo plays with the usual musical-artistic classifications depending on the context.

Supernova is an evolving multifaceted and nomadic project, whose intimate always changing performances were presented in Belgium (Festival Ars Musica, the Week of Sound, Resonances… ), France (Saline Royale, Databaz), Spain (Dig@ran Festival), Quebec (Mois de la Poésie), Taiwan (Digital Art Festival Taipei)…

Gauthier Keyaerts

Gauthier Keyaerts is a journalist, multimedia artist and musicien. He explores different formes of artistic expressions: sound art, documentary, hybrid pop / experimental composition, interdisciplinary devices…