Julie Michel (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis


(birds)flock, bird songs installation drawn from the bird sound guide J-C Roché & Jerome Chevereau and soundtrack of selected songs, in 2016.

(birds)flock is part of BreathSound research project.

The installation includes 365 songs of birds drawn. The number of drawings presented varies depending on the venue.

The drawings of the series (birds)flock consists of a visual interpretation of the sounds. Produced with limited tools (some colored felts) by listening to sound recordings of various birds, these drawings move freely in the sound-graphic sphere of complex sound, and form, as a unit, an organized mass, like a birds flock in full whistling flight. – Jérôme Dupeyrat

Les siffleurs dans l’espace

Documentaire sonore en cours de réalisation autour du Silbo, langage sifflé sur l’île volcanique de la Goméra.


OiseauTale (23’17’’) is a mix-sequence imagined by NightOwl collective. This live sound work, whose trace is shown here, is part of BreathSound project that takes as its starting point the Silbo, whistled language of the island of Gomera in the Canaries.

Whistles, humans, birds and machine meet, revive and blur the boundaries. Sounds captured in La Gomera, a piece of Eliane Radigue, stories of the ornithologist JC Roché, imitators charmers of birds, in the workshop of Alain Carpentras manufacturer decoys, the beats of the Fan Club Orchestra…

Peuplier contreplaqué, 174x80x85cm, 2016.
Table by Olivier Crabbé to present OiseauTale mix assembly and the accompanying documentation BreathSound project.

Nom de l'artiste

Graduate of fine arts, Nantes, Julie Michel is currently Associated Artist for research with the Upper- class ENSA, Bourges. Her installations integrate sound creations, printed objects, drawings and videos exploring the interactions between language, sound, environment, territory and landscape, human and non-human.

Her work was recently shown at Friche Belle de Mai (Marseilles). Initiator of the NightOwl collective with Olivier Crabbé, they engage within this framework on a research and diffusion activity related to the work of Knud Viktor, sound artist of Luberon. This work will be diffused soon with the Natural History Museum (Paris), and the Gassendi Museum (Dignes-les-bains). Julie Michel has created the sound environment for many other projects, in addition to several choreographic and cinematographic projects.