Julien Pauthier (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Time is everywhere (première belge)

Time is Everywhere is a sound installation where the climate is the conductor. The climate, rhythm, cadence, changes, calming, electrified… Climate has this ability to be constantly in mitigation, in perpetual movement. When our climate is windy, snowing, raining, being stormy, it calls out to our senses. It is so particular, and can change so rapidly, that we forget its principle particularity, time or duration. Here it is a question of having a lifelong experience. Each variation leads to another on a timeline that takes us into the unknown. This unknown comes from climate chaos, whereby we find it almost impossible to predict the future. Here, there is no question of speaking of composition, writing, or language. The cluster of frequencies generated by climate data sounds like noise, background noise, climate noise.

Julien Pauthier

Julien Pauthier lives and works in Bourges in France where he develops his research in sound art, especially around noise. He got his master degree at the Mulhouse’s Art School and he follows his post graduate research at « Arts et Créations Sonores » in the Art School of Bourges.

Through concerts and sound installations, he questions our relationship to our environment, our relation to space and time. He is interested in phenomenas that alter our perception; auditory, temporal, physical, spatial. With noise, it offers experiences of the moment by creating immersive sound environments. He shared stages and collaborated with different artists and musicians from experimental music and electro acoustic music, and organized several concerts of experimental music.