Léa Roger (Fr)


10:00 > 12:00

Galerie de la médiatèque/7m3

23-31, Rue de la Seuwe Mons

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A partir de 8 ans

Sonic Kids (Ateliers pour enfants)

Initiations créatives et ludiques (par des artistes/animateurs proches de City Sonic) à diverses pratiques sonores pour les enfants.

Les Sonic Kids

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Le petit orchestre rétro-futuriste - Improvisation collective bruitiste

Our world is shaped by the surrounding noise; the sound of machines becomes our daily lives. It is thus, that the definition of music extends as the sound and textures become musical components. Everyday objects become musical instruments.

Practicing musical noise has the advantage of enabling us to experiment, and to develop our imagination, to seek amazing sounds, exit from musical formats, to let constraints occur.

In this workshop, pieces of wood, metal plates, toothbrushes, nails, screws and plastic containers become instruments of choice. In Collective improvisational playing, the electro-acoustic manipulation (placement of microphones, and added pedal effects), the participants can build an incredible band, in a short time.

Léa Roger

Léa Roger has followed a Celtic harp training. After wiping the benches of the Music Conservatory and the faculty of musicology she took a tangent into improvisation. In constant search for new sounds, she aims to open the field of possibilities of the Celtic harp to get out of its original repertoire, adding new playing techniques using items found here and there but also by the addition of effects pedals.

Recently she has been interested in the creation of new percussions. Eager for unusual encounters and diversity, she worked for the theater with the company Thank You For Coming, currently plays in a bass/harp/drums trio, in the group Guili Guili Goulag and solo in her Félon project. She also improvised in Spoliâture, a variable-geometry combo.