Maxence Tambosco (Be/Fr)

Carré des Arts

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis

_|Pandore|_ (création)

_|Pandore|_ is an immersive sound piece, offering a sacred framework, familiar to the collective conscience,for operating it’s discursive mechanics. The installation, which looks like an immersive confessional, questions our communicative relationship with the world, overthrowing our idea of cult, in order to reposition ‘the voice’ with a more central speaker/narrator, who has the responsibility of listening to private speech/discourse collected from different personalities found in Belgium.

Beginning with sociological reflection about new mediums of digital diffusion, medias and the consequences of these on the community voice. This project is presented in a sacred situation, that touches upon the collective conscience. If our diverse social platforms propose that we share our all-out intimacy, does this enable them to achieve any evolution in these matters? Or would it lead to another reflection about the problematics?

I chose to confront the public about the profoundness of their peers. The work is within the sacred framework of a confessional, where each may be redeemed from his sins. Several people from different sociocultural backgrounds will be interviewed on the street, to gather testimonies of their most shameful sin. The melting pot of grievances will be settled in a random compositions which will air in the central part of a voting booth. The viewer is then prompted to not confess his sins and fears, but rather, to become overwhelmed by the outcome of this shapeless mass of voice processing. This is a reversed situation. It replaces the speakers place with that of the listener, and with a high level volume, shatters the realm of privacy. It wants the spectator to confront our everyday ‘deaf dialogues’. The piece puts into question our communicative relationship with the world, providing an efficient way for the viewer to become a universal listener.

Maxence Tambosco

Digital arts student, with a passion for music, Maxence attempts to blend physical and sensorial experiences, in order to create immersive and narrative pieces. By taking things out of contexts, he turns towards irony and derision to question specific situations of our time.