Ze Zorgs (Be)

Ze Zorgs (Be)
25 August 2016 Transcultures



Transcultures Residency

Rue Terre du Prince, 10 Mons


The urban itinerary remains open

Bye Bye MonSonic - the 25th of September

After a final tour (starting at 2.30 from the site of the Old slaughterhouse), a stage in a nice historical gar- den awaits the curious public and the participants of the festival.

This friendly closing of City Sonic in Mons, features live creations by 11:60 (Christophe Bailleau + Didié Nietzche, cosmic electro landscapes), Ze Zorgs (Maurice Charles JJ on sax, Pierre -Jean Vranken on elec- tric guitar, Stéphane Fedele on drums for a post jazz no wave live set), Supernova (sensitive post pop set) + Isa Belle (crystal shower individual sensorial-energizing one to one performance) and Maurice Charles JJ on saxo solo…

+ City Sonic Sunday drink.


The music of ZE ZORGS is mostly improvised, without bias. Between psychedelism and kraut rock (Can, Faust …) ZE ZORGS will take you into a deep space travel…

This is the premiere of a 30 min. pure energy concert with sounds that blow your mind!

Also announcing the new CD project of Ze Zorgs : Creeping horror… from the depths of time and space!


Ze Zorgs a free rock trio (Stephane FedeleMaurice Charles JJ, Pierre-Jean Vranken), influenced by the sounds of No Wave / Psyché / Garage rock, and above all of improvisation.