Julien Grosjean (Fr)

Maison du design

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis

La Chambre rouge

La Chambre rouge is an installation which records, diffuses and deteriorates words that it has picked up, here and there. It is a significant experiment and an object of reflection on the topics of time, the memory, the lapse of memory and the identity. Words, extracted from interviews, are diffused and gradually deleted by a mechanical structure.

By its fragmented appearance and the coexistence of two loops of magnetic tape, it collects the same information from outside but reproduces it differently. The installation symbolically evokes the coexistence of each one of various memories (conscious, unconscious, body, emotional) and their different relations to time, deterioration and the lapse of memory.

Performances d'ouverture le 14.09

Pour le vernissage de cette édition, Julien Grosjean, Elsa Welfelè, Simon Deterne, Johana Beaussart proposerons une performance dans dans leurs dispositifs audio plastiques respectifs.

voir le programme complet du vernissage

Julien Grosjean

The work of Julien Grosjean is basically in situ: listening to the world, open on space and porous with the environment. He attempts, through his installations, to combine sensitive experiments and reflections.

He plays with percussions, wind, stones, wood and metals, magnetic tapes, oscillators and microphones… asserting a relationship incarnated with the sound, and a certain physicality. It is an artisanal approach whereby the sound would be to moulde, to cut out, polish, scrape.