Elsa Welfelé (Fr)

Maison du design

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis


SR TLK is a piece realized in 2016. It is an interrogation about the phenomenon of radiophonic waves and interferences, Elsa Welfelé decides to exploit this impalpable, inaudible, yet existing phenomenon. Her tools are walkie-talkies.

SR TLK is an installation, an orchestra of walkie-talkies, radio stations and loudspeakers which the artist comes to activate, like an orchestra conductor, who works to understand exclusively composed radiophonic waves. The invisible becomes the sensitive.
SR TLK is an interactive piece. The public can activate all radio and speaker.

A talkie-walkie is available at the reception.

Performances d'ouverture le 14.09

Pour le vernissage de cette édition, Julien Grosjean, Elsa Welfelè, Simon Deterne, Johana Beaussart proposerons une performance dans dans leurs dispositifs audio plastiques respectifs.

voir le programme complet du vernissage

Elsa Welfelé

After having studied sociology in Strasbourg, Elsa Welfelé entered the School of Fine Arts (Institute Superior des Beaux Arts) of Besancon, where she lives and works. The work of Elsa Welfelé causes the resurgence of what is usually known as ‘you’, of that which we do not hear from… That it may be an inexpressible secret, the insignificant one, rendered banal from daily newspapers, or the inaudible one. She works in order to understand in order to create connections and links.