Björn Jauss (Be)



La Raffinerie – Charleroi Danses

21, rue de Manchester Bruxelles

5 euros

OMFI @ City Sonic Live in Brussels le 30 septembre

OMFI/One Moment Free Improvisation célèbre les musiques exploratrices et vivantes d’aujourd’hui, dans leur création en direct. Pas de chapelles ici mais plutôt des singularités voyageuses et complices.

Pour sa seconde collaboration avec City Sonic, OMFI une soirée passionnane avec des concerts (créations) de :

OMFI est aussi le joyeux événement de clôture de City Sonic#14 à Bruxelles.

Voir le programme complet de l’événement OMFI et de City Sonic@Brussels.

Matthieu Safatly + Björn Jauss

United for the first time, for OMFI/City Sonic, a href=”/festival2016?p=686″>Matthieu Safatly and Björn Jauss blend sound and sensitivity (cello strings and analogue electronics) offering electric velvet, hypnotic lullabies, wooded metal. A very enchanting discovery!


Björn Jauss

Björn Jauss aka — Born in St. Vith (B) and living since his early 20ies in Brussels to pursue his research into the essence of sound. He was one of the founders of meakusma, organizing several electronic music production related workshops and jam sessions. Following his retreat, he made the move towards the modular synthesizer world, with the aim to build his personalized monophonic performance instrument. Driven by a fascination for feedback, his decade long quest, has given rise to “The Gonzophone”.

Using exclusively analogue feedback as primary sound source, his minimalist performances are based on timbral variations over time. By keeping pitch changes to a bare minimum and using slow movements, he puts musical form into the sound itself, contrary to the common practice of combining multiple sounds into a musical form. The perception of time becomes fluid during the improvisation around sustained notes of gritty analogue timbres, played through an infinite delay loop to combine into deep and dense dronescapes.

Another aspect of his research is to integrate the play of an outboard instrument and the modular synthesizer into a single musical voice. This can range from simple audio processing of the external instrument, to sophisticated setups where the external instrument becomes a controller of a feedback synthesis setup. Having 2 players perform one musical voice permits to overcome the respective limitations inherent to both instruments.