Dimitri Baheux (Be)

Passage du Centre (Galerie)

Entrée rue des Capucins ou Grand Rue


Fermé les lundis


Digital and Internet are not only virtual, but also, they leave physical traces in the world (CO2 consumption for example). This project gives an interpretation of traces of these usage of technologies and creates a contrast between the digital and the real. The goal is to recover the data movement and mouse clicks, all in a drawing processing combination of points. These points can be placed on a musical score and are free of interpretation. Everything will be available on a website so that everyone can download the application or offer a musical interpretation of drawings.

Pianist : Andréa Tonero / experimental music : Gildas Bouchaud + Gaëtan Arhuero (Granules)

Partnership Arts2-Transcultures, in frameworks of workshops Emergences numériques et sonores – coordination Julien Poidevin and Arnaud Eeckhout.

Sonic Live Gallery - Après midi performances le 23 septembre

Une après-midi Sonic Pirates pendant laquelle des artistes d’horizons différents se mêlent aux badauds pour envahir plusieurs magasins du passage du Centre de Mons.

Danse/traitements sonores (Benoît Armange + Jean-François Fontaine), arts numériques/musique électro-acoustique (Dimitri Baheux + duo Granules), Philippe Cavaleri (mix de vinyles en colle), & Stuff (poésie surréelle et décapante d’Eric Therer sur des atmosphères électro-guitaristique de Paradise Now) + DJ Chosta (mix de musiques classiques contemporaines et développement plus rythmique)…

Découvrir les artistes de la Sonic Live Gallery

Un tout grand merci au disquaire Alive Records et les commerçants du Passage du Centre pour leur collaboration.

Dimitri Baheux

His work focuses on the interpretation of events and facts of society. A research on the interpretation and the change we can instill. The usage of current events is what leads his work. He reinterprets them, to make them more visible, by illustrating them over a background of indirect criticism. Sometimes he also changes their footsteps and impacts in our physical world.

Through this way of working, he wants to provide another visibility, to these findings of our society. By giving them a physical existence, he hopes to make them visible to all eyes.