Johana Beaussart (Fr)

Site des Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons


Fermé les lundis

Filgans Molwake

A talk where the intelligible crosses the unintelligible. Accents, timbres, intonations, bring the listener on board a narrative loop increasingly disjointed and meaningless.

Languages emerge from others, more imaginary. What remains is the sound value of phonation, to which is added the execution and own interpretation of each.

Performances d'ouverture le 14.09

Pour le vernissage de cette édition, Julien Grosjean, Elsa Welfelè, Simon Deterne, Johana Beaussart proposerons une performance dans dans leurs dispositifs audio plastiques respectifs.

voir le programme complet du vernissage

Johana Beaussart

Fascinated early on, by the world of dubbing, and the possibilities of language, she chooses to make the voice her principal instrument while being interested in appearance, imitation and illusion. It’s about experimenting various modes of presentation, from radiophony to installation via performance, she has a specific interest in subtle languages, complex, mysterious or imaginary.