Gilles Malatray (Fr)

Rendez-vous Anciens Abattoirs

17, rue de la Trouille Mons



PAS – Parcours Audio Sensibles

In practice of PAS (Audio Sensitive Course), What Gilles Malatray often finds most interesting are the transitional spaces, where one passes somewhat progressively, from state to state, where our senses sometimes lose their ground, only to find new points of balance. In the grey of passages, we shift in space-time.

For City Sonic, Gilles Malatray invites you to a journey to the edge of night. Again, the passage of light itself, towards obscurity is too a darkness, where one finds himself to be, more or less, in blackness. Or, conversely, it could act as a catalyst of/for the senses, where everything becomes uncertain at times, thus, where many things become possible. Sight loses its efficiency; the hearing reactive, like a sensorial re-balance that thwarts the nocturnal trap, and enjoys the silenced, mysterious, and undoubtedly most poetic atmosphere.

En savoir plus sur le PAS – Parcours Audio Sensibles

Sonic Radio

Sonic Radio, c’est la radio du festival, lancée en 2009, qui vous propose des interviews, jingles, comptes-rendus, déambulations et autres surprises sonores de première main réalisés à chaud pendant le montage et l’ouverture du festival et diffusé sur le site web du festival ainsi que via des décrochages de radios indie complices.

Cette année YouFM est de nouveau de la partie et la Sonic Radio sera coordonnée, en lien avec l’équipe de Transcultures, par Gilles Malatray (lire l’interview de l’édition 2014) et Zoe Tabourdiot.

Parallèlement à cela, la Sonic Radio couvre les grands événements et temps forts du festival City Sonic.

Gilles Malatray

Gilles Malatray (Lyon) has been directing Desartsonnants, an indestructible website of amateurs (in the best sense of the word), a comprehensive website which is also a breeding ground for all lovers of the “other sound,” for over 10 years. Curious wanderer, he likes to walk in towns, in the woods … especially as a listening walker when he likes to quote Michel Chion.

His initial training are the scenery and music (saxophone), then a recovery of late study with a degree in literature and a Master in cultural and artistic Project Management at the University Lyon 2. Despite his recurring escapades in sound art, he continues nevertheless, in his free time, to play the saxophone, to sing or to listen to Bach or Bartok sound arts and music are not incompatible as sometimes the boundaries between the two is tenuous and uncertain .

Over the years Gilles has built one of the largest and most interesting sources of information about sound art Desartsonnants.