Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

Paradise Now

Under the nicknmame Paradise Now, Philippe Franck has composed since the the 80s, soundscapes for artistic videos, exhibitions, contemporary art installations and choreographies. Since the mid- 2000s, he was invited to many festivals and cultural venues for creative DJ/sound art, City Sonic/sound art where he combines poetry, “field recording” electronic treatments and soundscapes. He has composed, since the 90s, soundtracks for installations of Régis Cotentin and combo Hanzel & Gretzel (whose works were awarded and purchased by different institutions including the Centre Pompidou and the Museum of Modern Art the City of Paris). He also worked closely with the New York poets Ira Cohen and Gerard Malanga.

Since 2005, he has created with the body performer Isa Belle, several performances (also with saxophonist/improviser Maurice-Charles JJ) and installations around the body/sound/senses relations presented in numerous international festivals and cultural venues. Since 2010, he has also collaborated regulary with Christophe Bailleau (with whom he formed the post pop duo Pastoral) and Gauthier Keyaerts (in the combo Supernova) and with authors/performers Eric Therer (& Stuff) and Werner Moron (Les ours bipolaires).

His musical pieces have been released on various compilations of independent labels (Optical Sound, Tiramizu, Tsuku Boshi, Sub Rosa, Transonic).