Philippe Cavaleri (Be)

Vernissage le 14.09 > 18:00

Exposition du 15 > 25.09 ¦ 10:00 > 18:30

Site des Anciens Abattoirs &

Passage du Centre (Galerie)


Fermé les lundis

Principe de Vacuité (nouvelle version)

Two wooden cabins containing dozens of Buddhist prayer boxes, welcome you in the centre of the lawn. A sound environment broadcasted from various points of the court meets their strange singing polyphony.

The act of praying for the artist holds a fascination beyond all knowledge available… Monologue or dialogue of the deaf? If the sum of all noise was silence, the sum of all prayers would then be thought, the emptiness of the mind, a radical meditation? … And when the word is no longer sufficient in its redundant insistence, machines then speak, repeating endlessly what no longer fill any silence, no loneliness…

Production : Centre culturel de Huy, Transcultures

Dialogues (repeat after me) - (création à voir passage du centre)

This installation is presented in two parts :

I. Language classes, on vinyl records, turning on players.

Some grooves have been erased from the surface of the record.
But there remains: loops, residues, silences, voices (women/men/children), sound effects, jingles, beeps, all at the same time. (Simultaneity of information).

II. Creations, in exposition boxes.

Vinyl records with the wood glue, a negative copy of language courses, with the residues of the removed matter of the surface of the language courses. Poetry of suspended silence. (But containing information that is on pause.)

Production : Transcultures

Sonic Live Gallery - Après midi performances le 23 septembre

Une après-midi Sonic Pirates pendant laquelle des artistes d’horizons différents se mêlent aux badauds pour envahir plusieurs magasins du passage du Centre de Mons.

Danse/traitements sonores (Benoît Armange + Jean-François Fontaine), arts numériques/musique électro-acoustique (Dimitri Baheux + duo Granules), Philippe Cavaleri (mix de vinyles en colle), & Stuff (poésie surréelle et décapante d’Eric Therer sur des atmosphères électro-guitaristique de Paradise Now) + DJ Chosta (mix de musiques classiques contemporaines et développement plus rythmique)…

Découvrir les artistes de la Sonic Live Gallery

Un tout grand merci au disquaire Alive Records et les commerçants du Passage du Centre pour leur collaboration.

Philippe Cavaleri

The work of Philippe Cavaleri explores the relations between the body, space & time, the way they interact & affect one another…

He works with photography and with moving images…

Philippe Cavaleri looks deeper into the physical effects of sound, taken out of traditional musical context and all narrative forms.

He uses sound generators which are self built, turntables (with & without discs), but most of all, recorded sounds during his travels…

Philippe Cavaleri has exhibited and given sound performances in art galleries, cultural centers, artists’ residencies, in Russia, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Canada, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary.