Razen (Be)



La Raffinerie – Charleroi Danses

21, rue de Manchester Bruxelles

5 euros

OMFI @ City Sonic Live in Brussels le 30 septembre

OMFI/One Moment Free Improvisation célèbre les musiques exploratrices et vivantes d’aujourd’hui, dans leur création en direct. Pas de chapelles ici mais plutôt des singularités voyageuses et complices.

Pour sa seconde collaboration avec City Sonic, OMFI une soirée passionnane avec des concerts (créations) de :

OMFI est aussi le joyeux événement de clôture de City Sonic#14 à Bruxelles.

Voir le programme complet de l’événement OMFI et de City Sonic@Brussels.


Since their debut in 2010, the Brussels-based Razen is using the unique timbral and drone which is characteristic of their string and wind instruments and instinctive improvisational way. They mix pre- industrial, spectral; the “ethnic dreamtones” with trance and medieval mysticism.

Initiated by the duo of Brecht Ameel and Kim Delcour, over the past years, Razen grew into a larger ensemble, with the addition of Pieter Lenaerts on 5-string double bass and sarangi, Paul Garriau on hurdy-gurdy, and David Poltrock on ondes-Marthenot.

The band has built a strong reputation in Belgium and abroad, both on their recorded output (on the Kraak label) as with their ever-changing live shows.