Sébastien Sth Biset (Be)

Rendez-vous devant la chapelle

Rue des Telliers Mons


Concert + Drink

Sonic Garden Party

Depuis 2009, City Sonic propose avec la Sonic Garden Party, une après-midi de performances audio inédites et de concerts intimes dans des jardins privés du jardin du Beffroi (ouverts par leurs propriétaires pour l’occasion) et du centre historique montois. Cette rencontre particulière et conviviale avec les artistes et les hôtes se termine par un apéro City Sonic drink offert.

Cette année le programme sera composé de Catherine Graindorge (violon et chant lancinant), l’improvisateur belge arte povera Timo Van Luyck en duo inédit avec une figure de la musique industrielle et expérimentale allemande Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, et enfin, Sébastien Sth Biset (instruments insolites).

Sébastien Sth Biset (Be) : Instruments insolites

A day to day practice of experimental songwriting, instrumental improvisation, and folklore, is what gave way to a series of recordings, as well as performances.

‘Instrumentarium’ remains open: guitar, autoharp, shruti box, harmonium, harp, analogue electronic synthesizers, voice, objects, bells, percussive elements. Also, the ‘forms’ are kept open: free improvisation, daily variations on themes and sequences, and walking, from day to day. The result is between songs, instrumental minimalism, noise and ‘taciturnism’, continuums and field recordings. These forms are not disconnected moments: each intervention is rooted in its context (field revealing). It is performance; a situation…Whereby the preference is no audience; these moments…capted on media (discs, USB, and others), as a way to have a journal of the album (in the primal sense, as a memory support/storage medium). Until the day where…

Sébastien Biset

Sébastien Biset has a doctorate in art history, musician, and zythosophe. Professor of art schools (ESA St-Luc in Brussels, Arts2in Mons), co-founding member of editorial platforms, curatorial and programming (CIS) and MNÓAD, collaborator PointCulture, it is also active in the structures le Vecteur, la Tannée, Optimum Park. It has recently principal manager of the Urban Factory, in Charleroi, a space where “brew” from February 2017 culture, in every direction (micro-brewery, production of bread, roasting, bar, concerts, visual arts, workshops, conferences, etc.).