Maurice Charles JJ (Be)



Résidence Transcultures

Rue Terre du Prince, 10 Mons

Bye Bye MonSonic - le 25 septembre

Après une dernière visite guidée, la clôture de City Sonic@Mons, une scène de concerts attend les curieux et les participants du festival dans un cadre bucolique, avec des créations live, entre autres, de 11:60 (Christophe Bailleau + Didié Nietzche, paysages électro cosmiques), Ze Zorgs (Stephane FedeleMaurice Charles JJ, Pierre-Jean Vranken), Isa Belle (Cristal Shower, douche de vibrations essentielles) et enfin Supernova (Paradise Now/Philippe Franck Gauthier Keyaerts – post pop, poésie sonore et électro matiériste) + City Sonic Sunday drink.

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The music of ZE ZORGS is mostly improvised, without bias. Between psychedelism and kraut rock (Can, Faust …) ZE ZORGS will take you into a deep space travel…

This is the premiere of a 30 min. pure energy concert with sounds that blow your mind!

Also announcing the new CD project of Ze Zorgs : Creeping horror… from the depths of time and space!


Ze Zorgs a free rock trio (Stephane FedeleMaurice Charles JJ, Pierre-Jean Vranken), influenced by the sounds of No Wave / Psyché / Garage rock, and above all of improvisation.


Maurice Charles JJ

Jean-Jacques Duerinckx a.k.a Maurice Charles JJ is a musician mostly interested in timbral diversities, unorthodox sounds, sonic pastes and contemporary approaches to music: intuitive by nature, he likes to dwell in a universe crowded with strange sound entities, in which sound becomes matter and matter becomes sound. Practicing the soprano and baritone saxophones, and influenced by Steve Lacy, Antony Braxton, John Surman, Hamiet Bluiett, Maurice Charles JJ’s meetings with saxophonists Lol Coxhill and later Michel Doneda were finally decisive – guiding his playing to a world where material sound and abstract melodies coexist and intermingle.

Maurice Charles JJ has always been sensitive to the visual arts. He is interested in electro-acoustic music, sound art and particularly to “soundscapes”. Also influenced by R. Murray Schafer, he collaborates with other forms of artistic expression by contribution with the unique color of his instrument’s own rare qualities which he also uses for his sound creations.