Natalia de Mello (Be/Pt)

Carré des Arts

4a, Rue des Sœurs Noires Mons


Fermé les lundis

Foundation 1-2-3

In meeting with sound artists Isa Belle (Tibetans bowls, crystal, gongs, small bells…), Paradise Now (voice, guitar, electronics, percussions) and Maurice Charles JJ (saxophone, electronic treatments), Natalia de Mello proposed to them a project which is conceived from three parts entitled Foundation – 1 (Light), 2 (Exploration), 3 (Dark Matter), three sound-bands that can harmoniously intermingle to create a poetic audio-visual triptych and image mixing. In echo with this meditative universe, are impressionist organic material, portraits, and traveling fragments…

Note that the video Fondation 2 will also be projected during the OMFI event in Brussels.

OMFI @ City Sonic Live in Brussels le 30 septembre

OMFI/One Moment Free Improvisation célèbre les musiques exploratrices et vivantes d’aujourd’hui, dans leur création en direct. Pas de chapelles ici mais plutôt des singularités voyageuses et complices.

Pour sa seconde collaboration avec City Sonic, OMFI une soirée passionnane avec des concerts (créations) de :

OMFI est aussi le joyeux événement de clôture de City Sonic#14 à Bruxelles.

Voir le programme complet de l’événement OMFI et de City Sonic@Brussels.

Natalia de Mello

Natalia de Mello is a plastic artist, and Belgo-Portuguese multi-field artist who lives and works in Brussels. A Graduate in drawing and graphic stimulation from ENSAV Cambers It, She also trained in video, photography, and engraving. Her work is primarily centered on the formal exploration of space. She questions the relationship between the moment of creation within the studio and that of exhibition, which must accommodate and integrate the visitor (the relation of the artwork to the public). This aspect on perspectives leads her to invest in spaces where she can work on the circulation space, and their rhythms by Co-constructing a fiction, with participation from the visitors. To a certain extent, It was a question of leaving gallery spaces, and to allow the public to penetrate the space of work. This double preoccupation about the relation with space defines her overall artistic approach, since 2000. Natalia de Mello is represented in Brussels by Jozsa Gallery.

Isa Belle + Paradise Now

The artistic process of Isa Belle is rooted in the search for well- being of the body – in its many dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development. Evolving between Brussels, Paris and Nice, she participated in various visual and contemporary arts performances (with Joseph Dadoune, Ben, Simone Simon…).

Since 2005 , she has been working in close collaboration with Paradise Now(electronic/sound treatments, voice, co-design ) on several performances (such as the Sound massages) projects and installations (recently Body Wash, Do Deca Etre, Singing tree), interdisciplinary or multi-media projects supported by Transcultures and presented by many international cultural venues and festivals. Her projects involve all the senses and the participation of the visitor who is invited to engage in new sensory experiences.