Ariane Chesaux (Ch/Be)

Ariane Chesaux (Ch/Be)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

Improvisation nomade (Création)

The saxophonist Maurice Charles JJ accompanied by the collective Unda: Ariane Chesaux on cello, gong and drone, Isa Belle with Tibetan bowls, small bells and gong, and Marie Decarpentrie with drum, chime and percussive objects. They intervene at the end of the Sunday market of Charleroi inviting the curious ones to follow them up to the Maison Dorée.

Performance vibratoire (Création)

The trio Unda (Ariane Chesaux, Isa Belle, Marie Decarpentrie) proposes a performance combining wellness and sound travel by subtly crossing  Tibetan bowls, gongs, percussions, voice, cello and drone with a special attention to vibrations which are put in front of the whole body and in all directions.

Production Unda and Transcultures

Plusieurs lieux dans Charleroi
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17.09 | Sonic Sunday #2
12:30 > 16:30
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Ariane Chesaux

Ariane Chesaux was born in the last century, in Lausanne. After a first trip to India, at 22, she initiated Shiatsu. She plunges body and soul, learning with Yuichi Kawada and Kanunari Sasaki, and becomes certified in shiatsu 6 years later. Depending on the moment, she teaches shiatsu, offers courses in stretching meridians, body presence, sound meditation, tai ji of great compassion, Saber practice, and meditative drawing. In 1987, a reading shocked her: Hara: Vital Center of Man, by Graf Dürckheim. He writes between physical exercises, knowledge and inner transformations. She saw him in practice. From then on, Ariane Cheseaux opened up to these disciplines, which nourished and completed her approach: she was formed with some of the successors of Graf Dürckheim to initiatory therapy through the Saber, ikebana, Japanese floral art, Meditative drawing, leibtherapy that transforms her approach to shiatsu. Little by little, artistic creation takes more and more place in her life: taking photographs since always, allowing herself to paint, to play with color, lines, and materials. Then, in 2004, sound took a prominent place. From that moment, the frontier between art and therapy was erased or seemed that it has never existed. Ariane becomes a sound player. Sounds, a sound body, a tribe: monastic resonance bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, but also the cello that she practices since 10 years. She initiates bath sound travels, individually or in groups.