06.09 | Sonic Before

06.09 | Sonic Before
4 June 2017 City Sonic

DJ Elephant Power

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DJ set

In a prologue announcing the launch of City Sonic in Charleroi, the festival joins forces with the Apéros des quais to propose an extratonic and crazy djing by DJ Elephant Power.

L'apéro de la Rentrée

This will set the tone of the City Sonic spirit by inviting all passers-by to come back the following day to attend the opening of the program in the city center.

Welcome to L’apéro Des Quais !

Apéro des quais
Quai Arthur Rimbaud, Charleroi
20:45 > 22:00
free and open

Also on our agenda

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A surreal and poetic glance into the imaginary and resort/holiday spaces where a form of lynch-like strangeness is tinted with offset humour…

Radio of the festival : propose creative programs on the life and guests of the festival…