28.09 > 30.09 | Les Oracles

28.09 > 30.09 | Les Oracles
28 June 2017 City Sonic

Les Oracles | Performance (Création)

Les oracles is a two-part interdisciplinary project aimed at building bridges between Quebecois and Belgian writers, choreographers, sound and visual/digital artists, who were welcomed as part of a creative residency in Quebec City and then in Brussels. In a spatial setting, where words, sounds and images articulate the body, this diptych proposes a reading which is as dialogical and hypnotic as it is about Women. In ‘oracles’, writers reveal ‘destinies’ to be as many blank pages, on which this choreography will get recorded… out of time… when bodies, sounds and images become the interpreters of a poetic voice. The piece discusses the role and place of women in today’s society according to a particular, singular point of view of each individual within the augmented duos. The first entitled ‘Breakthroughs’ is composed by the poetess, Catrine Godin, and the choreographer Karine Ledoyen, creator of a piece entitled ‘Breakthroughs’. The second part is ‘Prototype #1’. It brings together essayist and novelist Martine Delvaux and choreographer Manon Oligny, in collaboration with dancer Marilyn Daoust. For both parts, Philippe Franck composed the music, Thomas Israel created the video and digital images, and Simon Dumas was in charge of the staging in collaboration with the artists.

La Balsamine
Avenue Félix Marchal 1, 1030 Bruxelles
28.09 > 30.09
+32 2 735 64 68
Simon Dumas (Qbc)

Simon Dumas (Québec) Auteur indiscipliné, Simon Dumas écrit de la poésie, réalise des spectacles littéraires, se met quelquefois en scène. Il a publié cinq livres de poésie dont La chute fut lente, interminable puis …

Karine Ledoyen (Qbc)

Karine Ledoyen (Québec) est chorégraphe et directrice artistique de la compagnie Danse K par K fondée en 2005. Elle développe plusieurs projets atypiques, constamment à l’affût de nouvelles expériences …

Catrine Godin (Qbc)

Catrine Godin (Montreal). It is in parallel with her pictorial approach that writings are traced, from the first title, Les Ailes Closes, which appeared in 2006 by the publisher, Noroît.

Maryline Daoust (Qbc)

Marilyn Daoust (Montreal) has been working with various emerging and established Montreal choreographers since 2011.

Martine Delvaux (Qbc)

Martine Delvaux (Montreal) teaches literature at the University of Québec in Montréal, and has been developing her career as a novelist and essayist for the last fifteen years

Manon Oligny (Qbc)

Manon Oligny (Montreal) Receiving her Bachelors in dance from the University of Québec in Montréal, she founded the company Manon in 1999, where she works as a choreographer, artistic director and producer.

Thomas Israël (Be)

A co-production between Rhizome, Transcultures and in partnership with the Théâtre la Balsamine hosting Les Oracles, in a creative residency program.

Philippe Franck (Be)

Philippe Franck (Brussels, Mons) is a cultural conceptualist who is passionate about contemporary crossovers. He is director of Transcultures, an interdisciplinary center for digital and sound cultures (Charleroi).