13.09 | Partages d’écoutes #2 + Concert-lecture

13.09 | Partages d’écoutes #2 + Concert-lecture
14 June 2017 City Sonic

Micro-histoire du son dans l’art contemporain : conférence et courts extraits d’émissions radiophoniques d’Alexandre Castant.

Concert-lecture autour des écrits hyperréalistes d’Eric Arlix, mis en musique par Serge Teyssot-Gay et Christian Vialard.

18:00 | Conférence/Partage d’écoute #2

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Conférence/Partage d’écoute#2

Shared listening – sonic radio arts archives / plastic artsShared meanings, micro-history of sound in the contemporary arts is composed of a conference and short extracts of a set of radio broadcasts of the art critic and essay writer Alexandre Castant (Paris). These were carried out from 1993 to 1996 at the National institute of Audio-visual, on the relations between photography and sound. Then on the meeting point between visual arts/sound creations. Between rare documentary archives of creation, these programs constituted the aesthetic premises of a little explored territory, at the beginning of the 1990s. The history of sound in contemporary art… More than twenty years later, this unedited series will be the object of a conference and shared listening, and broadcasting of brief sound extracts from its program : Shared senses, a history of photography and sound: adventures of time; Photography listens to sound, sound environment and photography; Musicality of images;

Partenariat Transcultures, PointCulture

The seeds of voice, the seeds of photography; Photographs without a view. National Institute of Audio-visual, Bry-sur-Marne, 1993.120mn. Workshop 6. 25, sound experiments in contemporary art (History of a passage; Improbable territories; Silence and the cry; Sound prospects), National institute of Audio-visual, Bry-sur-Marne, 1996.

Avenue de l’Europe 1, Charleroi
Entrée libre

20:00 | Concert-Lecture

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Golden Hello (le rendez-vous) | Première belge

Concert-reading conceived from situations and adventures taken from the hyperrealist writings of Eric Arlix (writer and editor) and put into music by Serge Teyssot-Gay (ex Noir Desire, Interzone-guitar) and Christian Vialard (creative sound-electronics). “Golden Hello” is the term used in English for “bonus of welcome”, the latter concerns only managers of high levels. These texts, on very different subjects (a mini-market, a video, a hashtag…), converge electro-free-rock’n’roll ambiances, by musicians, draw up a critical portrait of the contemporary world and individuals who struggle to survival, each in his own way.

Christian Vialard (Fr)

The multifaceted work of Christian Vialard occupies a singular place in contemporary art and on the French musical scene.

Serge Teyssot-Gay (Fr)

Serge Teyssot-Gay discovered his likeness to playing guitar while listening to Django Reinhardt at the age of nine. His youthful influences are AC / DC, the Stooges, and the Gun Club.

Eric Arlix (Fr)

Éric Arlix is ​​a writer, artist and researcher of forms whose books and heterogeneous productions are impacted and organized by recurrent trends and subjects.

Boulevard Jacques Bertrand 1, Charleroi
+32 (0)71 202 995

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Un regard à la fois surréel et poétique sur les imaginaires et espaces de villégiature wallons teintés d’étrangeté lynchéenne et d’humour décallé.

Composé d’installations, créations ou premières belges, ainsi que d’une sélection d’étudiants d’écoles d’art partenaires…

La radio du festival qui propose des interviews, jingles, comptes rendus, déambulations, playlists et autres surprises sonores de première main réalisés à chaud…