23.09 | Quattrophage

23.09 | Quattrophage
26 June 2017 City Sonic

MNOP (Création)

The music of Quattrophage quartet (Pierre Dellacherie / cello, Matthieu Safatly / cello, Olivier Hüe / electric guitar, Nicolas Lelièvre / percussions) is a conceptual and sensual descendant of the musical erratum of Marcel Duchamp. Music can be described by the sometimes overused term, “cinema for the ear”, which in this case suits perfectly. This project is a work composed from the base of the Pascal Triangle (binomial coefficients in a tetrahedron) which results in the notion of the rapid disappearance of time, making space for a magnificent meditation. a recording of excerpts of this same piece was used for the multimedia project ‘Acoustic Cameras’ by the French label, Optical Sound.

The piece is played for an in(de)finite time. The first and shortest performance had a duration of 3 hours 30.

Production Transcultures with Wiels

Avenue Van Volxem 354, Bruxelles
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